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Aidan Everly

Actor | Writer



AIDAN EVERLY was born and raised in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He went on to study Finance with a Theatre Minor at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania a town that some have described as “Oh, no I’ve never heard of that.” As time went by, his love for acting pulled him out of a desk and on to the stage. At this point, it was clear that he needed to make the upward move to New York City, an action incited by his demand for acting training, a fast paced and always evolving arts community, and his literally insatiable appetite for good Thai cuisine. He found a home and place of study at Pace University as a BFA Acting Major with a Literature Minor. While at school, he was quite literally “over the moon” as his credits included Marvin Hudgens in Dark of the Moon and Richard Maynard in Moon Over Buffalo. He is currently pursuing all lunar titled productions. He is sure that it will be his niche. When he isn’t in front of the camera or on stage, he loves to read, workout, bake, play video games, and give his dogs a good scratch. And seriously, if you know of a banging Thai restaurant in the city, please let him know. 




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